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All Shades of Lahore!

 Ever Growing City of Lahore...

LahoreBeat is a web portal and an online magazine (eZine) presenting all diverse shades of Lahore!

You will find all kinds of information and services at one place. Whether its fashion, food, real estate, hotels, education, business, movies, music and more...

Let your senses & spirit wander and indulge when you get to know & live through all diverse shades of this city. 

It is a major urban & modern metropolitan city in Pakistan (South Asia) with a population of about 10 Million.

The city has gone through various phases & times- the Primitive, Moghul, British and now the urbane...

Modern - Ring Road Intersection

It’s called by many names – Education city, Lifestyle city, Fashion city, Film city as well as Art city with rich heritage.

City people normally called Lahoris are generally open hearted, fun loving and especially food loving. You see many lifestyles living side by side in this city.

This website explores all shades of life about Lahore. It is an interactive website for all Lahoris living in Pakistan as well as living in other parts of the world.

The history of the city is rich with heritage. In the recent past, Mughuls, Sikhs, and British have ruled this city before the partition of one united India into two separate countries – India & Pakistan.

There are many factual & legendary tales associated with this city. The Story of Anarkali is one of them.

5 Places You Must Visit!

  1. Lahore Minar-e-Pakistan
  2. Lahore Badshahi Mosque
  3. Lahore Fort
  4. Lahore Food Street
  5. Lahore Museum

5 Cuisine You Must Eat!

  1. Chicken Karahi
  2. Haleem
  3. Murg Channa
  4. Puri Channa
  5. Mutton Chops

See Lahore Through the Eyes of Sana Amjad and Lisa Ahmed !

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Every city has its own personality, mood and demeanor. Lahore in its first glance gives a relaxed, laid back and peaceful look and place to live in and enjoy your life in variety of ways.

Many books also have been written on and about the city and about Lahoris. The original old Lahore walled city still carries great inquisitiveness for both Pakistanis and foreigners alike.

The greenery in the city provides the feeling of ecstasy and tranquility. Variety of colors in Spring make this city wrapped up in floral beauty.

What to say of weathers… The four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn provide the four moods which dominate and influence the lives in a very subtle yet mysterious way.

Moghul Fort

If you are born in this city
and have roots here, it is hard to forget this city no matter where you live in
the whole world.

When you land back, it all
comes back to you the memories you once left behind.

Similarly, the foreigners also
experience its unique titillating & luring spells with variety of
lifestyles and the most lovable – the delectable cuisines.

Various articles, opinion and commentaries will also be presented from time to time on local, regional, national as well as international events and issues. Of course including some interesting and entertaining games and contests. 

We hope you will enjoy this website and find interesting things to  know & share with others... So stay tuned!